Doing the job the Feds won't do: Illegals Leaving Arizona


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This AP story appears on the front page of the "Nation & World" section of today's (3/2/08) Post & Courier. Note that this legislation was helped along and signed by a Democratic governor. Many people say there's nothing that can be done about illegal immigration. Nonsense. And this legislation proves it:

"Parents are pulling students out of school. Construction workers are abandoning their jobs. Families are hastily moving out of apartments.

Two months after Arizona enacted a law punishing employers who hire illegal immigrants, the law is already achieving one of its goals: Scores of immigrants are fleeing to other states or back to their Latin American homelands.

The Republican-controlled Legislature and Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano approved the law last summer out of frustration with federal efforts to curb illegal immigration. It took effect Jan. 1.

The law suspends or revokes the business licenses of violators and was intended to reduce the economic incentive for immigrants to sneak across the border. Illegal immigrants account for an estimated one in 10 workers in Arizona, which is the nation's busiest gateway for illegal immigration."

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