The Left Conservative: Conservatism on the Decline



Writes The Left Conservative's Dylan Hales: 

"Conservatives have been rightly attacking the left for years for its slavish devotion to Marxist fantasies and its near total institutional takeover by various wings of the identity politics movement. What is interesting though is that conservatives have largely made the same errors.

When conservatives regard the Kunstlers and Kirkpatrick Sale's of the world as kooks, it is rarely because these men disagree with them on abortion or gay rights. Instead they regard them as kooks because the men are not sufficiently statist and our opposed to unfettered growth. To the National Review crowd, and sadly many paleos (to be fair libertarians, more than traditionalists), these men are crazy because they are anti-empire and anti-big business and they actually mean it enough to talk about what a world would look like absent those vices. Or in other words they are heretics because they are too pro-community.

The latest flap about Obama and Jeremiah Wright should raise similar concerns.

First of all the guilt by association card is always played against us and when we play it we make it a legitimate tool. This is not wise politics and is also hypocritical.

Secondly the hysterical fear of black nationalism shows how little some segments of the right have managed to adapt since the civil rights era. One does not have to embrace all the rhetoric of Wright (though most of what he said is interesting and arguably true) to see that black nationalism is the ally of paleos and particularly those paleos most interested in the national question."


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