Taki's Magazine: Jimmy and Jerusalem



Writes Taki Theodoracopulos, cofounder of The American Conservative magazine and Takimag.com:

“Unprecendented Israel snub for Jimmy,” screams the New York Post. Echoed by all three candidates, I might add, all three with a crippling and chronic reluctance to let Israel feel the rough edge of their tongue. It is called Realpolitik--utter a word against Likud policy and retire to your farm for the duration. This applies to all politicians in the United States--remember Charles Percy and William Scranton, two long ago politicos who dared to criticize and retired to their farms in turn.

I was never a fan of Jimmy Carter while he was in office--especially after a dinner I attended a few years back after he had left Washington, and heard him give us a brief speech in which he mentioned his wife every sentence or two. But his heart has always been in the right place. The idea that Jimmy is anti-Israel is as ludicrous as the fact that the neocons put America first in their geo-political thinking."


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