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As a Charleston City Paper reader, I've long enjoyed columnist Will Moredock, whose cantankerous wit and occasional wisdom have given me pause. As a Charleston City Paper writer, it has been a pleasure getting to know Will personally. He's a nice guy.

He's also a liberal, the best definition of which was perhaps Robert Frost's; the poet believed that "a liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel." Moredock consistently seems to believe that white southerners never have a justifiable side in any quarrel, and those who believe they do are unworthy of their opinion precisely because they're white.

Two of Moredock's most recent columns ("Southern Fatalism," May 21, and "Reality Check," June 11) reflect the white guilt mind-set perfectly. Consider this passage from a few years back in which Will describes his native South Carolina: "This violent, ill-tempered little state continues to live in fear of the future, of black people, of multiculturalism. The white majority lashes out at all three with their Confederate flag, their racist T-shirts, their angry letters to local newspapers. And they lash out with their lockstep subordination to the Republican Party. The GOP remains the White People's Party, a perfect index of this state's sublimated white supremacy."

You'd think such criticism might have been written in 1956 or even 1856. It was written in 2006. That this is Moredock's perception of his own people is disturbing and unhealthy. But it is also instructional, as there is no such thing as a black Will Moredock.

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