RIP Kent Snyder




Writes Lew Rockwell:

“From Arlington, Virginia, comes news of the death last Thursday of quiet libertarian giant Kent Snyder, after a long illness, at the age of 49. A sweet, smart guy with a 24/7 work ethic, Kent was a martial-arts champion, and an important aide to Ron Paul. Kent worked in the Paul 1988 Libertarian presidential campaign, and went on to head Ron’s Liberty Committee, the caucus of Paulians in the House of Representatives. Kent was also, as Ron noted in an early speech (video), the “instigator” and “coordinator” of what became the 2008 presidential campaign, and which Ron asked him to head.

Even in his final weeks of sickness, Kent was the sort of man who worried more about friends and family than himself. May his great soul rest in peace.”

Writes Daniel McCarthy: “I’m at a loss for words about the death of Kent Snyder late last week, which I heard about just yesterday. Kent was the campaign chairman of the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee and had been involved with Dr. Paul since his 1988 Libertarian Party run. Kent was a spirit of tranquility on the campaign this year: he worked ceaselessly for Dr. Paul’s nomination, but never seemed in the least irritated or discouraged no matter what happened. That was vital for maintaining the whole campaign’s morale. And although he was the top man in the campaign, he was also the most approachable.Kent had extensively studied Eastern philosophy and Buddhism as well as the traditions of Western liberty, and he was drawn to the peacefulness of the Quakers. He embodied the best traits of all those traditions: calm and kind-spirited in the face of all adversity. His passing is a bigger loss to those who knew him, even those who only knew him slightly, than I can say. A terrible loss for the Ron Paul Revolution as well, to which Kent devoted his life (he even wrote his MA thesis on Dr. Paul) and which he did so much — more than anyone else but Dr. Paul himself — to set into motion.Addendum: At the Ron Paul Blog, Don Rasmussen links to several of Kent’s articles and interviews, including this appearance on the Tucker Carlson show:”


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