SA Column - Fundamentalist Christianity and fundamentalist Liberalism have much in common


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Prejudice is of little concern to me. In the grand scheme of things, how someone feels about a certain movie is as inconsequential as how they feel about a certain race. If a white racist assaults a minority, I am concerned with the assault, not his opinion. Most racists, white, black, or otherwise never take things that far, and their opinion remains their prerogative, however goofy or wrong it may be. In fact, I know die-hard racists who are otherwise decent people. Bad opinions don't necessarily equal bad character.

Likewise, I know liberals who are wrong about virtually everything, who subscribe to a number of vicious stereotypes, yet remain the salt of the earth. One of the strongest prejudices commonly expressed by liberals and various cosmopolitan elites is the scorn shown towards Christians who reject the theory of evolution and believe in "creationism." This anti-Christian prejudice, as it relates to creationism, can be as harsh as any racism and is often as illogical. I remember a woman who called in to WTMA during the presidential primaries who claimed she liked former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, but could not vote for him because he rejected evolution and put "religion above science."

But we vote for leaders who place faith above facts all the time. What creationism is to fundamentalist Christianity, the belief in the strength of "diversity" is to fundamentalist liberalism. Common sense tells us the earth probably wasn't created in seven days and is older than a few thousand years. Common sense also tells us that racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity creates friction everywhere it exists.

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