Bob Conley and Fritz Hollings



From the blog:

Ernest “Fritz” Hollings was a Ron Paul Republican?  Not quite, but close.  In the former Senator’s new book, Making Government Work, Hollings reveals that he was a Robert Taft supporter at the 1940 Republican Convention. Taft, as you may know, is something of a political hero to Ron Paul and the conservative anti-war crowd.  He was also one of the biggest advocates of Constitutional government, and the leading advocate on Capitol Hill for a non-interventionist foreign policy during the post-WWII period.  

Of course Hollings’ and Conley’s shared enthusiasm for principled leaders isn’t the only thing that the former Senator and the future Senator have in common.  Both left the GOP when it became apparent that the party had been bought out by the Wall Street/Beltway cabal and neither has any intention of ever turning back.  Furthermore, Sen. Hollings was a great leader (and representative for our State) on the issues of trade and protecting American jobs, both of which are major focuses of Bob’s campaign.  

Down here in South Carolina we elect men and women who respect the rule of law and aren’t ashamed to put America first.  We are proud of the populist, conservative, Democrat “Fritz” Hollings and we are excited to have a candidate like “FlatTop” Bob Conley ready to pick up where “Fritz” left off, as the leading voice for South Carolina’s workers in the twenty-first century. 


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