Book Review of "Obama Nation"


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My good friend Dylan Hales has written the most spot-on review of Jerome Corsi's popular Obama Nation book, I've read to date. Here's my two favorite lines:

"Corsi is a professional character assassin, who simply hates Democrats. In 2004, he was co-author the infamous Unfit For Command, which argued that John Kerry really wasn't the war hero he was cracked up to be.

I didn't support Kerry in 2004 and I don't support Obama in 2008, but the shameless throw-shit-against-the wall-and-hope-it-sticks methodology of the so-called Dr. Corsi tempts me to donate my next paycheck to the DNC."

Lol. I know the feeling.

Read A Tale Told by an Idiot: Corsi's Obama Nation signifies nothing


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