Sean Hannity Said "Bill Ayers" 42 Times




I'm filling in for Rocky D's producer Donna Lee at WTMA this week, who is on vacation, and part of her job requires that she man the mixing board during the Sean Hannity program. A fate worse than death, I know...

Yesterday, I decided to count how many times the Republican pitchman said "Bill Ayers" and "Jeremiah Wright," since Hannity's entire program consists of partisan bickering and demonizing Democrats, as opposed to advancing any actual conservative ideas or positions. Guilt-by-association smears of Barack Obama is all the Republican Party has at this point. When the liberal McCain is just as awful as the liberal Obama, you use what you have, I suppose. 

I did not count Hannity's use of the words "terrorist," "radical," "racist" or even "he" or "they" in reference to Ayers or Wright. Nor did I count guest or caller mentions of either men. The following tally is simply how many times Hannity actually said "Ayers" or "Wright:"


If you can't make out my atrocious penmanship, Hannity said "Bill Ayers" 42 times and "Jeremiah Wright" 28 times.

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