Young American Revolution



Here's a preview of a great new publication I'm proud to be a part of, "Young American Revolution," the official magazine of Young Americans for Liberty, to be launched at CPAC in two weeks:


"Back in the 1960s, Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), a similar youth organization, formed around Barry Goldwater to keep the conservative movement from drifting towards moderation. YAF recognized the importance of a unified youth movement and a national publication to sharpen their ideas. Their publication, The New Guard, served as a mouthpiece for the positions and direction of a rising youth movement.

Many of the famous political writers that shape public opinion today got their start with Young Americans for Freedom.

Now, a new generation of American youth, inspired by the words of another anti-establishment presidential candidate, Ron Paul, is prepared to forge a new direction for the freedom movement.

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) understands the importance of spreading this powerful message and recognizes the opportunity for success is now. Therefore, a publication written to educate and train an audience of future Ron Paul Republicans and opinion makers is essential to our cause.

Next semester, YAL will publish the first issue of a national publication we call the Young American Revolution (YAR)."

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