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PodcastlogoThis Spoletobuzz blogger has been threatening for several weeks to rachet his workload into the realm of the sadly ridiculous by recording a series of interviews with various Spoleto and Piccolo artists — daily, no less — and making them available on this site as podcasts for your entertainment, erudition, and enrichment.

Today, this future-ex-good-idea became a fact.

It was an awfully cozy scene there in Rebellion Road Studios: Theatre 99's Piccolo Fringe organizers Timmy Finch, Brandy Sullivan, and Greg Tavares (otherwise known as The Have Nots!), myself, intrepid Spoletobuzz assistant Sarah Grasmick, sound and editing engineer Ash Hopkins, producer Julia Levy, and a partridge in a pear tree, for all we knew. After about 40 minutes of discussion, a live improv outburst, an overview of the Piccolo Fringe, and plenty of gratuitous swearing, we officially put the first Spoleto Buzzcast in the can. As soon as we have it posted on a feed, you can stream it or any podcast in the archives from your computer right here, find it on the main blog site's sidebar, and of course you can punch "SpoletoBuzz" into your iTunes music search box or subscribe here to the ’cast for listening any time you like.

Listen to it. Learn it. Live it. Love it. And let us know what you think.

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