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Lest anyone forget how this whole blog business works: remember, it's a two-way street. See that little blue link there at the bottom of this post that reads "Comments"? Use it. We want to hear from you. This Spoleto Buzz blogger is just one person: mortal, an earthbound creature of flesh and blood, restrained by the same laws of time, space, and physics as everyone else (though sometimes his editor seems to forget

this). As much as I'd like to be everywhere at once -- especially the places where the food is good and the beer flows like wine -- I cannot. But you can. That's "you" in the plural sense, the collective you -- the vast population of Spoleto-goers and festival-followers who, should you choose to participate in this online conversation as I hope you will, will create a massive, city-covering army of ultra-informed intelligentsia who can turn pedantic cocktail chatterers into cowering toadies with the depth and volume of Spoleto knowledge at your fingertips. Power to the people!



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