Park Life



Could the College of Charleston have timed its demolition of the parking garage at George and St. Philips streets, and the ensuing construction project, any crappier? You’ve got four, maybe five major performance venues within spitting distance of the earthen pit that used to be the St. Philips Street garage: the Sottile Theatre, Emmett Robinson Theatre, CofC Cistern, and Recital Hall. (Ordinarily, Physicians Auditorium would be in that list, but this year it’s sitting empty. More on that later.) Abandon all hope of finding a parking spot, all ye who expect to see a show near here.

Non-pedestrian Spoletians are also advised to think twice about planning to find a parking spot in Theatre 99's cozy lot at 280 Meeting St., a site that's normally got a few spots available for theatre patrons. During the festival, it's often going to be off-limits to parking — as it was last night — so don't count on it. And if you're thinking about shooting down nearby George St. to snag a spot ... see above.

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