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From editor Stephanie Barna:

In the madness of editing and posting reviews yesterday, I forgot to make a note of all our new reviews here. So far, we haven't had any bombs. Last night I had the chance to catch Elephant Larry and Horatio Sanz at the American Theater. Elephant Larry were a bit disappointing — a lot of the sketches seemed to be works-in-progress, in need of some more polishing. I hate feeling like I'm in a workshop when I've dropped $15 to be entertained. These guys are smart, funny, and definitely have the power to make you laugh, they just didn't necessarily deliver a tight show. The Horatio Sanz improv set was pretty funny (I was thrilled to see UCBers Bobby, Charlie, and Eugene), but very short! We got only about 40 minutes! It was over so quickly that the audience sat there stunned for a few minutes before realizing it was really over. Then, this morning, I found out Sanz got on stage with UCB Tourco for the second half of their set! WTF?

Check out the paper for reviews of the following shows:

You're Welcome for What You're About to See, Rode Hard and Put Away Wet, Tristan & Yseult, Romeo et Juliette, A Number, and Geisha

A bunch more will be posted soon, including expanded reviews of Elephant Larry and Horatio Sanz. Plus UCB Tourco, Paul Taylor, Sacred Space, and Trust. -SB


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