The Daisey Chain



Monologuist Mike Daisey took a break from preparing for his show Monopoly!, which opens Spoleto’s Solo Turns series tomorrow night, and dropped by Rebellion Road Studio this morning to share a cuppa joe with me, chew the fat for a while, and explain the exclamation point. Super interesting guy. I enjoyed the bejeezus out of his Ugly American at last year’s festival, and I’ll be among the first in line at the Emmett Robinson when Monopoly! opens tomorrow. Listen to our chat here.

On tonight’s schedule: Spoleto’s big Festival Concert – Mahler’s Fifth Symphony – followed by a sprint to the American Theatre for the second performance of We Used To Go Out. Of WUTGO, Theatre 99 ticketmaster Colleen Reilly, who was working at the the theatre last night during the opening performance, says, “So far it’s the only show that I could actually hear people screaming with laughter at, from all the way in the lobby, during the entire thing.”

Incidentally, you may have heard it elsewhere already, but today is officially the start of hurricane season. And it looks like it’s going to be a busy one, especially for the Southeastern U.S. I wouldn’t want to be living in a low-lying coastal city with only one major highway inland come August or September. Hey, wait a minute...

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