Lovell Sisters at Millennium



From music critic Lindsay Koob:

I confess a secret weakness for good bluegrass music, and it’s something of a relief to talk about it right now, surrounded as we are by all the classical stuff. The three Lovell sisters, a charming, rock-solid teenage sister act, performed at the Charleston Music Hall for last year's Piccolo Spoleto, also knocking out a gig with the Charleston Symphony and a performance at Millennium Music downtown while they were here. In town for another go at the Music Hall this year, they played another brief set at Millennium on Friday, and I fell in love with them all over again. And they’re coming back today (that's Saturday, for those of you who've lost track) at 3:30 pm to do it again – maybe even again at 7 pm tonight. These talented kids are set to play 85 gigs in 23 states in the coming months, and are being actively courted by five different record labels, so come hear 'em if you can (it’s free). -LK

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