Saturday Schedule



So let’s see, where was I when last I was bloviating in this space? Ah yes, extolling the virtues of bullet points. It’s been a busy weekend. And we’re not even halfway through Saturday yet — at least, not mine. The evening’s agenda is — to borrow a turn from CP editor Stephanie Barna — as chock full of culture as a petri dish in a high school bathroom. Assuming I can get things here wrapped up in time, 3:30 pm will see me at Millennium Music downtown for some starstruck mooning over the Lovell Sisters. Yes, I’m aware that they’re all minors. But I may bring a pair of panties to throw on stage anyway.

It’s probably blind optimisim to think that I can duck in and out of the Southern Literary Festival’s finale/soiree at 4:30 on Cumberland St. quickly enough to be in a seat at Recital Hall for Program II of John Kennedy’s Music in Time series at 5 pm, but that’s the goal. Shake a few hands, scarf a few canapes, swill some champagne, and mutter something pithy about the renaissance of the literary salon, and I’m outta there — though it would be nice to have a moment to chat with poet/songwriter Paul Allen or local novelist and satirist Charlie Geer. Maybe between the baked brie and bruschetta.

Following Music in Time, and the premiere there of Kennedy’s new Spoletude, I’ll test local law enforcement density along Maybank Hwy. with a race to Angel Oak on John’s Island, where I’ll hopefully catch the last part of the 6 pm Rite of Spring with Charleston Ballet Theatre and the Charleston Symphony, or the first part of the 7:30 show. Either way, I’m due back downtown (better pack the radar detector) at 8 pm for Jeff Daniels’ singing/songwriting gig at Charleston Music Hall, then at 9 pm at Mike Daisey’s Monopoly! And Sergio Santos’ jazz performance in the Cistern — concurrently. I’ve heard Daisey’s show is every bit of 100 minutes, so Sergio may just have to wait for me. Following it all, there’s a shindig for Mr. Daisey after the performance, where I plan to decompress with the catering staff and as many Whipp-its as they can slip me.

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