The End Comes Into View



Technically, there are still three days left in Spoleto Festival USA 2006 – that’s slightly less than one-eighth of the 17-day arts eruption, but, still, it’s something. Yet everywhere the chatter is of how to close this sucker out. Over at the Spoleto Scene, Ida Becker’s ticking off the top contenders for the Spoleto Finale’s picnic contest on Sunday at Middleton Place. At the City Paper, the staff is breaking out the schematics for an earnestly relaxing postmortem of booze and noshables at the Piccolo Finale tomorrow at Hampton Park. The forecast — I'm not trying to jinx anything here — is awfully propitious: sunny, clear, and hotter than Dutch love.

Unfortunately, this indentured Spoletobuzz Blogger still has a full dance card: Intermezzi VI, Topdog/Underdog, and Danny Hoch tonight. Tomorrow I'll start by recording my twelfth and final Spoletobuzz Podcast at Rebellion Road Studio, where my guest will be Joshua Rosenblum, the P&C's new Spoleto Overview Critic. Later that afternoon, I'll catch the final Music in Time program, PURE Theatre's Underneath the Lintel, and Theatre 99’s Piccolo Fringe Finale, followed by a party for Mr. Hoch. I’ll be saving myself, therefore, for the Lord’s day. Though, frankly, She’s likely to get very little of my attention.

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