What’s for Lunch?



On any given day during the festival, there’s generally not a lot going on, performance-wise, around lunchtime, as Piccolo and Spoleto are mostly saving their energy for later in the afternoon and evening. At noon throughout the festival, Piccolo’s Young Artist Series presents a mixed-quality grab-bag of music from College of Charleston students, alumni, and guest artists at Recital Hall in the Simons Center. Over at Footlight Theatre, Robert Ivey Ballet hosts the Dance at Noon Series, another round-up featuring regional and national artists of widely varying caliber.

One sure bet is at 477 King Street, where Jill Eathorne Bahr and her dancers at Charleston Ballet Theatre present CBT’s Brown Bag & Ballet most days at noon. The short programs feature several works from the company’s broad repertoire, including stuff from Bahr, CBT dancers, and famous-name chorographers. Plus they sell gourmet sandwiches at the theatre, which sits next to AC’s and across from Basil on upper King.

If you’re a woman who’s hoping to introduce your Sportscenter-watching, beer-chugging, crotch-scratching boyfriend to a little modern dance and raise his culture quotient a smidge, let me suggest you start with something other than CBT’s Flick of the Wrist, the first of three contemporary works on Thursday’s program. This one’s probably for those already well in thrall to the gender-bending idiosyncracies of contemporary dance. Set to Igor Stravinsky’s Danses Concertantes, Flick of the Wrist features both full company members and apprentices, dressed as mimes and clowns and cavorting about the stage in mock games and love struggles. Dance, mime, and classical music: fun stuff to a certain degree, but this one probably isn’t going to be the work that turns your dance-hating boyfriend into a believer. For that, you’re likely gonna need either chicken wings and beer or a lot of skin and girl-on-girl action. In which case, CBT’s Rite of Spring at Angel Oak last weekend may have been a perfect place to start.

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