Big Ups for 2006 Spoleto Performers



Anyone browsing through The New York Times' Arts and Leisure section this weekend got an eyeful of

artists with a Charleston connection — two writer/actors who both premiered new works at last year's Spoleto Festival. Monologuist Mike Daisey, who presented his solo works Monopoly! and Invincible Summer last May and June at Emmett Robinson Theatre, landed a slobbering feature article in Sunday's paper about his performance of Invincible Summer at the Public Theater as part of New York's Under the Radar
Festival going on right now. (I befriended Mike and his wife/director Jean-Michele Gregory last spring, and you couldn't wish for the press

to go to a nicer couple of people.)

A few pages over, Canadian experimental theatre whiz-kid Daniel MacIvor, whose company da da kamera presented the play A Beautiful View to rave reviews here last spring, gets the gilded rose treatment from a Times reviewer who notes that the show premiered in Charleston last spring. Now, if we can only get to where we're presenting stuff like that all year round, instead of just 17 days each spring... —Patrick Sharbaugh

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