Wigging out on post-Spoleto wraps



Spoleto 2007 is an historical artifact at this point, but that hasn’t stopped commentators and critics from picking through the bones and offering up big picture post facto overviews. At The State, arts reporter Jeffrey Day’s wrap landed last Wednesday — the same day as my own postmortem hit the streets — but I just discovered it today through the miracle of Google news alerts on the festival, which I recently set to “weekly” after the crush of “as it happens” mid-festival alerts almost put me into critical cognitive arrest.

Day — who’s been road-tripping from Columbia to cover the festival for nearly 17 years and with whom I traded post-performance notes almost as much as I did with P&C overview critic Josh Rosenblum — makes a good point that I haven’t seen anywhere else: this festival was particularly strong on new music. Even if you didn’t care for Christopher Alden’s Faustus, Philip Glass’ Book of Longing, or the five Music in Time concerts, you gotta give the festival credit for not feeling overly bound to represent the white-wigged* dead guys.

*For this year’s best wigs,  readers are referred to The Cody Rivers Show and Major Bang.

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