Video: Die Roten Punkte is the best band in the world

White Stripes rip-off hits Spoleto



We’re guessing Spoleto’s younger crowd will hone in on one act in particular: Die Roten Punkte. Word on the street is this brother/sister duo hails from Berlin. Inspired by/spoofing The White Stripes (their name means the Red Dots), they maintain a dysfunctional and creepily flirtatious banter throughout their musical show.

“Their songs are ridiculously infectious and their live show is one of the most irreverent and hilarious gigs you are ever likely to see,” says the Spoleto brochure.

They’ll have late-night shows at the Memminger June 3-5, and tentative plans are in the works for a costume event one night. Keep an ear out for that, but for now, go ahead and buy your tickets. They’re only $25.

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