Piccolo reveals official poster by Tate Nation

Which poster will you take home this year?



Piccolo Spoleto unveiled the official 2010 poster this week, created by Mt. Pleasant-based painter Tate Nation. Nation’s brightly colored poster, which features glowing interlocking circles, is a sharp visual contrast to the Spoleto USA poster by Maya Lin.

Nation says that he was going for a very positive vibe with the poster. “I just wanted to express the joy and festivity of the festival itself,” he says. There is also a spirit of connectedness involved, according to Nation. The circles are part of his attempt at conveying not only the human connection involved with Spoleto, but the connections he sees in an event that features visual and auditory art of all genres, rather than focusing on one specific medium.

Fans of the poster that want to see more of Nation’s work will have plenty of opportunity, since Nation’s other work will also be on display at the Art Institute of Charleston beginning on May 22 and at the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibit throughout the festival. Much of his art is also available on his website. This is actually the second time that Nation has won the Piccolo Spoleto poster contest — his art was featured at the 2000 festival.

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