Hot Ticket: What’s the deal with Piccolo Fringe’s prices?

Why is the pre-sale for Fringe more expensive than getting tickets at the door?



For this year’s Spoleto Buzz blog, we’re going to be making Hot Ticket posts. We’ll let you know what’s selling fast, what may not be selling at all, and what deals you may be able to snag. Keep an eye out for it.

You might have noticed some bizarre discrepancies in prices for Piccolo Fringe events. If you get your ticket early from the Piccolo Spoleto box office, it’ll cost you $16. But if you get them at the door, they’re only $15. And you might have thought to yourself: “Gee golly, City Paper. You’re so stupid.” But I assure you our brains have not yet dissolved from all this Spoleto stuff (or at least that’s true for most of us).

Those numbers are not typos. Yes, if you buy a pre-sale ticket for a Fringe performance at Theatre 99 or the American Theater, it will cost you $1 more than it would if you show up the night of your selected show. Here’s the deal. Piccolo Spoleto is no longer using Ticketmaster to sell its tickets. While the extra buck might seem a little strange, it’s actually a huge discount compared to surchages that big conglomerate would charge.

Theatre 99’s Brandy Sullivan says the venue is proud that throughout the 10 years of Piccolo Fringe, their ticket price has defied the laws of economics by remaining set at $15. And even with Piccolo’s price bump, this won’t change Fringe’s price — if you get your tickets at the door. If you buy pre-sale tickets, you’ll have to pay the surcharge. Sullivan says that most Fringe shows sell out eventually, generally with walk-up sales (especially shows like Upright Citizens Brigade and The Complete History of Charleston for Morons). You can take your chances, or you can support Piccolo's new ticketing system.

Also, if you become a fan of Theatre 99 on Facebook or subscribe to their e-mail updates, you might be eligible for some special deals during Piccolo.

It's only an extra dollar. Though you might need it for parking.

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