Ross may bring Rings back to Piccolo



Tolkein fans could be in for a treat if Charlie Ross (One Man Star Wars Trilogy) has his way.

"I now have permission to do my One Man Lord of the Rings show," he says. "I'm planning to do that in the future." To help shake the rust off his rings, Ross "might do a one-night, low key fundraiser for Theatre 99," during Piccolo Spoleto.

Ross took Peter Jackson's 9-12 hour Rings movie trilogy and condensed it into a one-hour performance that the City Paper described as "lung-poppingly funny." But when a big budget stage version of the books was developed, Ross' rights were suspended.

Now he's got the license to perform the show again, and he's bringing Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo and other beloved characters to life on bare stages across the world. In some ways the show is less accessible than Star Wars — Ross has more story to cover, and if you don't know the movies, some of the dialogue exchanges will be meaningless. However, Ross has found that One Man LOTR attracts "a different fanbase. It's the same type of person who loves the source material, but it tends to be a more bookish crowd."

From bookworms to '60s hippies to the younger generation lured by the films with their "dashing young men and special effects," the power of the rings is vast. If Ross is able to pull off his one-nighter, we're in for a magical treat.

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