Block Ice love


  • Lee Friedlander

Erik Friedlander’s Block Ice and Propane premiered Wednesday night, and it was definitely my favorite Spoleto performance I’ve seen this year. The spacious Memminger auditorium felt surprisingly intimate, with great acoustics for Friedlander’s cello playing. You could literally hear a pin drop (or a sneeze across the room) — sound carried that well. It resulted in a few awkwardly loud moments from accident-prone audience members.

Besides those few distractions, it was an altogether mesmerizing experience — Friedlander’s innovative music paired with hypnotic films and beautiful imagery had us in a peaceful state between wanting to fall asleep and not wanting to blink, and the stillness of the rest of the audience throughout the show suggested they felt the same way. Go see for yourself. He’s here through June 8, and tickets are only $30. Check out Joshua Curry's behind-the-scenes video and Nick Smith's review for more insight.

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