Bill Murray watches red hot puppets



Spotted in the Simons Center yesterday: Ghostbusters star Bill Murray, who has a home here, occasionally attends local events and is part owner of the Charleston Riverdogs. According to Piccolo volunteers he took his daughter to see Cinderella, the Colla Marionette Company production at the Emmett Robinson Theatre.

While Murray remained mum about his opinion of the show, our reviewer Maggie Winterfeldt thought it was a camp delight. Despite its well-worn plot, it had a lot more story and spectacle than this year's other Colla offering, Philemon and Baucis.

The most magical moment was the appearance of four "red hot" embers (puppets dressed in flaming red), jumping out of a fireplace. The most unexpected was the climactic Dance of the Fairy Godmothers. The whole hour and 15 minute show (with an intermission) seemed to go by as quickly and smoothly as the swish of a wand.

Unlike Philemon, Cinderella had no singers or actors to help carry the story, just a narrator recorded prior to the show. But most of the story was told with succinct visuals. Although the Colla Company are Italian, nothing was lost in translation.

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