Rot Talk

Meeting our favorite rock stars


  • Joshua Curry

Thursday night we got a rare chance to chat with über rock stars Astrid and Otto Rot. The duo behind Die Roten Punkte stopped by Vickery’s for a drink after their packed show at the Memminger, which earned a standing ovation for its blend of humor, rockin’ music, and sibling rivalry.

Sipping on “limonade” and what appeared to be a Shirley Temple (with bright red lipstick stains on the straws), Astrid and Otto schmoozed with some of their biggest fans around the bar.

They say they’ve had little time to explore Charleston yet, as they’ve been confined to the theater since their arrival. They have eaten at Wok, and they questioned us about other vegan-friendly restaurants (Astrid likes meat, but Otto is a vegan).

Stalker alert: They’re staying at a hotel near Marion Square, and they should be easy to spot around town, since, they swear, they almost never remove their makeup. (Astrid says Otto needs it to cover up his acne.)

If you don’t spot them out and about, you can catch their show at the Memminger both tonight (11 p.m.) and tomorrow (10 p.m.). You won’t regret it. After all, they are the greatest band in the world.

  • Joshua Curry

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