Motoi Yamamoto finishing up Saltworks installation

Go see the creation process in action before it's too late



We stopped by the Halsey Institute this morning to see artist Motoi Yamamoto putting the finishing touches on his site-specific installation made entirely of salt. He's spent the last two weeks using the main gallery floor as his canvas to create an intricate labyrinth. Guests are invited to walk around but not within the installation, and platforms have been built to allow for a bird's eye view.

Return to the Sea: Saltworks opens on Thurs. May 24 from 5-7, but we encourage you to stop by now when you can see Yamamoto in action, squeezing salt from a small ketchup bottle. We hear the opening reception will be Japanese-themed, complete with sake, Japanese beers, and maybe even sushi.

Keep an eye on the Halsey blog for more details.


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