Hot pink glow infuses laid-back LEO party

Leo Love


The LEO crew
  • The LEO crew

Spoleto SCENE members celebrated LEO, the hot ticket show of Spoleto, at the new Rebekah Jacob Gallery on Sunday night. The festival's young patrons' group is tight-knit, but luckily the SCENE kids were, for the most part, very welcoming, with only one or two refusing to have their pictures taken or to mingle with a reporter.


The d├ęcor matched the vibe of the revelers: sleek and understated with a hint of cool. Party planner Chelsea Peabody explained how they wanted to focus on drinks and decadent dessert instead of the usual fare that can get tiresome during Spoleto's heavy party circuit. With a small offering of just beer and wine, guests noshed on spicy peanut brittle, espresso butter cream cake, lemon poppy seed pound cake, and assorted cookies provided by Poogan's Porch's new pastry chef Katelyn Selin.

As DJ Jeff ET spun hip-hop and danced (at times he seemed to be the only one aware of the music), LEO's star Tobias Wegner and some of the crew strolled in to the party. Posing for a few pictures in the middle of the crowd, his entrance was subdued and almost easily missed. The LEO posse made their way to the back of the gallery and munched on some wraps before stealthily rejoining the crowd without any hullabaloo.


As the guests of honor staked out their ground in front of the desserts, Nathan DeCamos and Brooke Trichilo, two of the partygoers we spoke to who actually went to the show, gushed over the performance and enthusiastically recommended it. Filmmaker Justin Nathanson moved around the crowded space with ease as he snapped candids for a project that will be unveiled at the White Party later in the festival.

Just after 11 p.m., the party started to wind down, but not before the dance floor got some action. Selin personally delivered a tray of sweets to the DJ, earning her some dance time behind the booth.

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