Patrick Sharbaugh responds to questions about Daisey article

The Daisey Debate



Patrick Sharbaugh's preview of Mike Daisey's monologue, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, has spawned quite the debate. Most notably, perhaps, Ellen Killoran called Sharbaugh out for defending Daisey in an in-depth piece in the International Business Times. Sharbaugh, in turn, has responded to that piece on his blog, Man and Ultraman.

"While I’m pleased that my article in the City Paper has received so much attention, I feel that the IBT’s report on it deserves a response, as that piece is illustrative of worrisome trends in the news and journalism industry at the moment, and also because it exaggerates and dramatizes key elements of my article," Sharbaugh writes.

You can check out his full response here.

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