Spoleto pumps millions of dollars into local economy

By the Numbers



We’re guessing the folks at Spoleto Festival USA are in hibernation mode following the end of the festival last week, but they did muster the energy to issue a release celebrating the successes of this year’s season. The 2012 festival ended with box office receipts of more than $2.9 million, and they brought an estimated $55 million to the local economy, with more than 70,000 ticket holders attending 140 events (and eating at local restaurants and staying at local hotels). Spoleto lists k.d. lang, Traces, LEO, Jack Hitt, Renaud Garcia-Fons, and The Radio Show as some of their best-selling shows.

The festival got some major love from national media as well. The New York Times, for instance, wrote, “Spoleto Festival USA justifiably prides itself on variety, but its greatest strength is in its presentation of contemporary work.” The Washington Post listed Spoleto as one of the “five major American festivals you should know,” saying, “Spoleto [Festival] USA … has become the leading American exponent of the European-style festival that brings in productions from around the world and juxtaposes chamber music and opera, theater and multimedia, the traditional and the avant-garde, taking over the city for a couple of weeks at the end of spring.” Dates for the 2013 festival are already set: May 24-June 9. Find out more at spoletousa.org.

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