Shepard Fairey's busy weekend in Charleston as seen via social media

Obey at Work



We've already taken a look at Shepard Fairey's first and second murals that popped up around town last week, but they Obey team was busy over the weekend too, knocking out three more pieces ahead of this week's Piccolo Spoleto opening of The Insistent Image, featuring works by S.C.-natives Fairey and Jasper Johns at the Halsey Institute.

The third mural is found high atop the Francis Marion Hotel, where Fairey's OBEY GIANT mascot icon looms over Marion Square Park—maybe the only brow larger more furrowed than its neighbor, Vice President Calhoun.

Following the "Power and Glory" theme from the College Lodge and Tivoli murals, a neon storefront installment under the Sottile Theatre marquee portrays Fairey's faux propoganda in the vacant space now under construction by the College of Charleston, which owns the Sottile Theatre.

Fairey's final mural, a massive three-story high square styled in the unmistakable Obey aesthetic, took two days to finish on the north wall of the Groucho's Deli building on King Street near Calhoun. Already busy with the normal weekend crowd, the King St. parking lot became an observation area for many, watching Fairey and crew work on a pair of scissor lifts throughout the day to lay down the finishing touches.

Here's a look at how #Chs documented the works in progress online, with cursory searches through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from this weekend

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