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Impromptu BFF fashion shoot - JON SANTIAGO
  • Jon Santiago
  • Impromptu BFF fashion shoot

Part of the fun of the Festival is the way is spreads out in all directions. Like springtime itself, it livens up everything, including those bits of conversation you happen to catch in passing. A representative sampling, verbatim:

It’s tough all over
Man: (sadly shaking his head) "I'm going to have to raise the price of my pizza eight cents each to get all my employees health insurance."

Mis-underestimated, much?
Young woman to her date: "Oh, I'm on hydrocodone. It makes me kinda sleepy. But I'm getting used to it. Wait. What did you say?"

Art appreciation
He: No. On the Francis Marion. Andre the Giant. What's the story behind that?
She: Some artist...

Aren’t we all?
She: (giddily) That's my church! (points to St Matthews Lutheran just up the street on King)
He: That? It's all covered up in tarp!
She: (stops in her tracks, fixes on him with a stare, in disbelief) But it's so beautiful ... underneath.

Some jokes? Better off keeping 'em to yourself.
Middle aged man telling his double-date companions a joke: "They told me the South will rise again. And I said, 'Well, if it does, all the..." (the remainder of this sentence drowned out by the sound of Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes and Gucci loafers pounding the pavement toward him)
Man with a bicycle greets man on the sidewalk
Bicycle Man: As-Salaam-Alaikum, brother.
(met with a blank stare)
You're not Muslim?
Sidewalk Man: (watching intently for the "walk" signal to blink on, shakes his head) No.
Bicycle Man: You look Muslim. (shrugs) I'm trying to raise money for the homeless shelter. Could you...

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