Spoleto party correspondent Caroline Enten checks out Spoleto Scene's kickoff party

The young and the beautiful


Kat Drerup, Leah Cromer, Madeline Spellerberg - CAROLINE ENTEN
  • Caroline Enten
  • Kat Drerup, Leah Cromer, Madeline Spellerberg
There’s no greater indicator that spring has sprung in Charleston than the arrival of the first Spoleto Scene event. The annual kickoff party, hosted again this year at Memminger Auditorium, never fails to deliver a flutter to the heart, impressing upon you the knowledge that winter must be now decidedly behind us because everyone seems to have swapped out their weird, pseudo-cold weather wardrobes for some flowery frock or pineapple embroidered button-up.
Citrus swordfish from Pancito and Lefty. - CAROLINE ENTEN
  • Caroline Enten
  • Citrus swordfish from Pancito and Lefty.
One attendee went so far as to snag a dress from Rent-the-Runway, a service which until recently I thought existed purely for those few occasions within a lifetime when an average gal finds herself in need of a black tie gown. Turns out, the new normal is borrowing a fabulous dress for any old occasion when you want to show the world you’ve shed your winter skin and are metamorphosing into your best self: your summer self.
Stark Shapleigh, Venita Aspen, Austin Walker - CAROLINE ENTEN
  • Caroline Enten
  • Stark Shapleigh, Venita Aspen, Austin Walker
New to SCENE this year: sponsors Low Tide Brewing and Pancito & Lefty. Some oldies but goodies included Cathead Vodka, DJ Party Dad, and the people who somehow make cotton candy hip and tasty, our sweet little Pure Fluff crew. Gone from SCENE entirely? Anyone who was 39 years of age this time last year. See ya, suckers!

Looking ahead, we have many parties and happy hours, performances and, of course, the highly anticipated finale to cover. The change of the finale location — from Middleton Place to The Joe — didn’t seem to phase the Scenesters, most of whom make the trek out to Dorchester County every year with religious fervor akin to a pilgrimage.

Party-goer Austin Walker agreed that moving the finale away from Middleton Place might take away a bit of the magic which usually accompanies the last day of the festival, but asserted that headliner The Lone Bellow will more than make up for any potential shortcomings of the new venue. We’ll have to see on June 10th!
Suzette Bussey, Priscilla Bennett - CAROLINE ENTEN
  • Caroline Enten
  • Suzette Bussey, Priscilla Bennett

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