Ravenel Bridge parkour daredevils issue apology



James Chad Tomberlin and Kahrall Arkeen Wright, the two men who were arrested Monday for climbing over the railing of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, have issued an apology for holding up traffic and taking up emergency responders' time. The following statement comes via their attorney, David Aylor:

We wish to offer our most sincere apologies to those who were either stuck in traffic or inconvenienced while we attempted to scale the Ravenel Bridge. We also want to apologize to and thank the police officers and fire fighters who came to our aid. At the time, we did not recognize the impact our actions would have and how it could have possibly jeopardize the safety of others who responded to the Ravenel Bridge. We’ve learned a valuable lesson and again want to apologize to the community and the first responders.

Aylor says Tomberlin and Wright have been released from the Charleston County Detention Center. They will face disorderly conduct charges and a count of drug equipment violation (for Tomberlin) on June 11.

"It's an unfortunate situation, and they feel thankful for the help and humbled by the circumstances," Aylor says.

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