The Agenda: Vote tomorrow, 'Homeland' to film on Yorktown, Riley pushes 526 takeover

The State to charge for content in December



Election Day looms large
Thousands of voters cast their ballots over the weekend as party-led GOTV efforts pushed residents toward early-absentee voting across the state. The increased number of ballots cast ahead of Election Day could cut down on lines tomorrow as the rest of the state heads to the polls.
Sources: Post and Courier, The State

Where to cash in with your 'I Voted' sticker
Tomorrow is election day and you'll be making some important choices. You know, there's president, general assembly, school board, and which free giveaways you'll be cashing in on after you cast your vote.
Sources: Charleston City Paper

Homeland to film on USS Yorktown
Award-winning Showtime series 'Homeland' is set to film on the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point this week. The Emmy Award-winning TV series primarily set in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia does most of its filming in Charlotte.
Sources: Live 5 News

Mayor Riley wants city to take over I-526 completion
As Charleston County decides how to move forward on the I-526 project, Mayor Joe Riley said on Friday that he would favor a plan that would put the City of Charleston in the driver's seat on the beltway's completion. County council would need to approve the change.
Sources: Post and Courier

Last free major S.C. daily to put up online paywall in December
The last remaining major S.C. paper website without a paywall, The State announced over the weekend that it will begin charging for content starting on December 4.
Sources: The State
More S.C. papers to charge for online access (Columba Free Times)

Coastal communities embrace ties to ocean
Despite dangers posed by natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, coastal communities up and down the East Coast embrace their homes and memories of living by the sea.
Sources: NPR/AP

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