More petition signatures for Sheriff Cannon's resignation

Pro-Cannon counter-petition lags behind


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In case you missed it, after President Barack Obama released his plan for a gun-control overhaul last week, Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon held a press conference to announce that he would not enforce any new gun laws that he finds "unconstitutional."

Cannon was not alone in taking his stand: Sheriffs in Oregon and Kentucky made similar statements. But sheriffs are not often called upon to interpret constitutional law, and Cannon's speech raised the hackles of local business developer Brady Quirk-Garvan, who started an online petition asking the slap-happy sheriff of Charleston County to resign. A counter-petition to keep Cannon in office cropped up soon afterward.

After the weekend, the petition signature totals are as follows:

Can Cannon: 262 signatures
Keep Cannon: 62 signatures

Ironically, the keep-Cannon petition writer chose the same online platform as Quirk-Garvan:, a website run by the notoriously liberal

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