Updated: Sanford awaits runoff opponent, Colbert Busch cruises in SC-1 primary

Bostic appears likely to advance



Former Gov. Mark Sanford’s bid at a political comeback took another step forward and got a little validation on Tuesday after preliminary results reported by the S.C. Election Commission showed the luv-guv comfortably earning a trip to the party’s April 2 runoff election.

Early numbers put Charleston trial lawyer and former County Council member Curtis Bostic in second place, making him Sanford’s likely opponent. An automatic recount will take place if the margin between the second and third-place vote-getters is less than 1%. However, even after a recount, totals rarely shift by more than a handful of votes. As of the time of this post, Bostic led his nearest opponents by more than the 1% needed to advance.

As expected, Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch defeated her only opponent, perennial candidate Ben Frasier, earning nearly 97% of the votes cast. Colbert Busch will face the runoff winner in the May 7 special election.

Here’s a breakdown of the votes as reported by the state Election Commission at the time of this post. (NOTE: The numbers have been updated to reflect the most recent numbers available on Wednesday morning.)

Mark Sanford1981236.92
Curtis Bostic714913.32
Larry Grooms665612.4
Teddy Turner42357.89
Andy Patrick37767.04
John Kuhn34716.47
Chip Limehouse32696.09
Ray Nash25044.67
Peter McCoy8651.61
Elizabeth Moffly5290.99
Tim Larkin3900.73
Jonathan Hoffman3580.67
Jeff King2110.39
Keith Blandford1920.36
Shawn Pinkston1540.29
Ric Bryant860.16
Elizabeth Colbert Busch1577695.87
Ben Frasier6794.13

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