The ladies make it rain at The Alley Hoop Fever tourney

Ballin' in the Alley



Devin McClary
Last night, the Alley hosted a second round of their Hoop Fever Challenge, with 32 two-person teams competing for cash prizes and a spot in the finals to prove they are pop-a-shot basketball champions. Thursday night at the Alley is apparently Ladies Night, because the women completely took over the competition and proved to be the biggest ballers in town. Several all-female teams competed, and three women in particular proved to be among the elite players.

Devan McClary from Team "DT" got the crowd fired up early. Prior to the start of the competition, the waitress from Mad River Bar & Grill was worried her teammate might not show in time, so she started looking around for a potential fill-in partner. No one seemed interested — until she starting making it rain. Suddenly she had men clamoring to pair up with her.

McLary's team made it to the Final Four, only to lose to another team with a strong female shooter, Christina Caputo. An Alley waitress, Caputo managed to compete while working, but she was certainly not playing when it came to knocking down shots for her team, Don't Move. She and her partner Travis Shy (easily the best of the male competitors, he put up 111 points in the finals) finished second, falling just four points short of the title, 178-174.

Nick Skolsky and partner Jordan Eads
But the biggest buzz of the night by far was around another female sharpshooter, Jordan Eads of winning team the Fireballers. Jordan blew away the competition and onlookers with her amazing touch on the Hoop Fever machine, consistently putting up scores of 105 to 120 points. Eads gets in lots of practice when she's working at Max & Henry's on Folly Road and has won the Kickin' Chicken's Hoop Fever contest three times. Her worst score of the night came in the semifinals where she posted a 93, which would have easily been the top score of the night for most competitors. She and partner Nick Skolsky will now face off against last Thursday's winning team the Gamecocks for the grand prize. But after watching the display Eads put on last night, it's fairly likely that the Hoop Fever Challenge at the Alley will be crowning a team led by a Queen, not a King.

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