Sanford on Statehouse piglets: "They were barbecued"

R.I.P. Pork and Barrel



We weren't so outraged when then-Gov. Mark Sanford had the gall to parade into the state House of Representatives with two curly-tailed piglets under his arms to protest excessive state spending.

We aren't even mad that we don't have a photo of Will Folks cleaning up the mess.

We're just upset that we weren't invited to dinner when Sanford barbecued the little porkers.

That's right, according to the new 1st District Republican nominee, little Pork and Barrel may have led an unwilling life of conservative activism, but in the end, even then they couldn't defeat gluttony of a different kind.

On Morning Joe this morning, Sanford, fresh from his election night party (where fiancée Maria Belen made her campaign debut) reluctantly admitted to co-host Mika Brzezinski, "Unfortunately, they were barbecued. They were great little guys."

Watch the clip (or the full segment):

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