The Agenda: SC-1 over stimulus, Boeing growing, W+F ups impact

S.C. pols react to Thatcher death



#SC1 - 1st District opponents Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch traded jabs Monday (P&C) over stimulus funds that went to Clemson University's Wind Turbine Drivetrain Facility in North Charleston, where Colbert Busch is employed. Sanford criticized the initial spending (AP) on the project, which he says come out to about $320,000 per job. Colbert Busch responded, saying that the project is still in development and pointed to the facility's potential long-term impact. Colbert Busch also released her first non-primary election ad this morning, a single-take, straight-to-camera spot entitled "Independent".

Cleared for take-off - Boeing Co. said today (P&C) that it will invest another $1 billion and add at least 2,000 new jobs to its North Charleston campus by the year 2020. Since late last year, Boeing has been in talks with Charleston International Airport to buy an adjoining 320 acres to provide adequate space for future expansion.

W+F Fest - Preliminary analysis (CRBJ) of the 2013 Charleston Wine + Food Festival by the CofC Office of Tourism Analysis showed increases in attendance, out-of-town guests, and total spending over last year coming out to a $10.7 million impact on the local econmy, up more than $2 million over last year.

Smoke Break - A new proposal (The State) by Republican state Rep. Kevin Bryant of Anderson would allow employers to pass on potential employees because they smoke, citing S.C. Hospital Association stats saying smoking costs the state $1.9 billion a year in productivity losses.

Iron Lady - The State has a roundup of South Carolina politicians who were quick to react with praise after learning of the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In her 87 word statement, Gov. Nikki Haley was careful to be sure to mention the evils of communism, socialism, and labor unions.

Sex Ed - The Associated Press looks at a bill co-sponsored by Republicans in the S.C. Statehouse that revamps the state's 25-year old sex education law. CP's Paul Bowers talked with lawmakers about their proposal in a news feature last week.

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