Andolini's reports spike in orders after cops talk down jumper with pepperoni pie

Potential jumper now safely in custody



At this point, we don't know what police officers did to talk down a potential jumper from the Ravenel Bridge earlier today, but some thanks might go to an Andolini’s pizza.

“They had called us up at like 10:15 this morning, a little bit before we opened, and asked how long it would take to get a pizza,” A.J., the manager at Andolini’s Mt. Pleasant, says. He had a pepperoni pie ready for them in about 20 minutes, but the officers didn’t come in to collect it until 11:30 a.m.

A few hours later, customers started coming in and talking about the pizza, which was displayed prominently in a photo that ran with a Post and Courier story. A.J. didn’t even know what the incident was about until then.
With the traffic, it was a slow morning for Andolini’s, but A.J. says they got a pop around 12 p.m. once things on the bridge started clearing up. Now there are people coming into the restaurant with pizza cravings after seeing the P&C photo.

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