Jenny Sanford opens up about 'Mark' in support of Deerin's bid for secretary of state

Former first lady endorses Democrat for secretary of state



Jenny Sanford is finally breaking her silence about 'Mark.'

In a video posted today, former South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford spilled the beans on 'Mark' . . . Secretary of State Mark Hammond, that is.

Appearing alongside Ginny Deerin, Hammond's Democratic challenger, to "open up about Mark," Sanford and Deerin trade jabs about the secretary of state, couched as tongue-in-cheek references to her ex-husband's public exploits over the past few years.

Speaking to his work ethic, Sanford says, "Seems I was scammed," referring to allegations by Deerin that Hammond doesn't spend enough time in the office.

"Despite all his rhetoric, it seems Mark is a big waster," says Sanford, referring at once to Congressman Sanford's notorious frugality and Deerin's accusations of waste within the secretary of state's office.

Playing it straight, Sanford stops Deerin after she asks about Mark's "awkward" use of "online technology," saying, "Umm, we are talking about Mark Hammond, right?"


"I'm a conservative, I'm a Republican, and on Tuesday, I'm voting for Ginny Deerin for secretary of state," Sanford says to the camera to close out the ad.

Sanford isn't the first conservative endorsement nabbed by Deerin. The state Club for Growth, Libertarian Party have backed Deerin, as well as Republican state Sen. Tom Davis (of the Tom Davises of the World) and Board of Economic Advisors Chairman Chad Waldorf, the Sticky Fingers owner who also has close ties to ex-governor.

The City Paper also says Deerin is the preferred choice on Tuesday. Paul Bowers profiled the race, along with other statewide contests a few weeks ago.

Be ready to go to the polls, read our endorsements, profiles, and more in the 2014 Charleston City Paper Election Guide.

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