The Agenda: Haley nominates DSS leader, Kimpson proposes paying college athletes; Bush stops at USC

Charleston delegation takes symbolic vote against InfiLaw takeover


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State Sen. Marlon Kimpson has filed a proposal that would require big-money athletic colleges (Clemson and USC) to pay their student athletes. Kimpson to the P&C: "The money has to go somewhere. and it's not going to reduce tuition ... It's being kept in the athletic programs, but it's not being given to athletes." Last year, USC shuttled $83.8 million through its athletic program, while Clemson operated on a revenue of $61.1 million. Source: P&C

After voting to walk away from federal Common Core standards this year, state lawmakers are under a time crunch to dismantle and rewrite the state's education guidelines before next school year, but one lawmaker vows, "We will get this done." Source: P&C

As lawmakers float a complete overhaul of the agency, Gov. Nikki Haley has nominated a former state DJJ administrator and director of a Clemson girls outreach center to take over the state's troubled Department of Social Services. Source: P&C

WaPo politics writer Philip Rucker says former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's commencement speech at USC yesterday presents a "case study" in national Republcians' shift to the right of the political spectrum. Source: WaPo

Former House Speaker Bobby Harrell's ouster from the state House will likely frame the debate over ethics reform for the upcoming legislative session. Source: The State

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott is one of three senators slated to join the influencial Senate Finance Committee in the upcoming session. Source: Politico

New RealtyTrac numbers show that foreclosures in Charleston County were down 30% last month compared to November 2013. Source: CRBJ

Rather than be purchased by private law school operator InfiLaw, on Monday night, the Charleston County legislative delegation voiced support for a nonprofit headed by one of the school's founders to take over the private law school. Source: P&C

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey wishes you a 'Merry Christmas.'

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