A (nearly) complete list of items stolen from homes in The Blotter in 2014

Stealing our Hearts



A golden bull’s horn, a bathroom sink, 12 bicycles, a gold ring with sapphires, a guitar amplifier, three Fender guitars, a Les Paul electric guitar, two gold cross necklaces, a sound system, a router, five nail guns, 35 televisions, a $5,000 diamond-studded wristwatch, lots of costume jewelry, five baseball hats, two refrigerators, a Navy-issued black coat, a safe containing $250 in cash, some shoes, 20 frozen pork chops, two tennis bracelets with charms in the shape of theater masks and a cross, a gold butterfly charm, five gold rings with various gemstones, two silver rings with diamonds, a gold ring with a gold letter “M” and a diamond setting, a gallon can of gasoline, a subwoofer, 80 morphine tablets, 119 oxycodone tablets, 60 Ritalin tablets, three driver’s licenses, a diamond pendant on a silver chain, two sapphire and gold rings, a diamond and gold cocktail ring, a birthstone pendant on a gold chain, 14 sterling-silver cordial liqueur sipping cups, 60 pieces of jewelry worth $6,500, a Bluetooth music player, 10 salad forks, 15 dinner forks, 16 tea spoons, eight soup spoons...

  • Steve Stegelin

A yard canopy, (possibly) a dog, a two-ton air conditioning unit, a bottle of Oxycontin, a $15,000 Piaget watch, a blue Telecaster guitar, a red Gibson SG guitar, a brand-new Keith Urban acoustic guitar, several beers, three pairs of sunglasses, a gold tennis bracelet with diamonds, two leaf blowers, a pair of work boots, three purses, five wallets, an AK-47 with a flash suppressor loaded with 30 hollow-point rounds, a set of lemon forks, a silver bracelet depicting a nativity scene, a turkey knife, eight steak knives, 16 engraved goblets, one jewelry box, seven necklaces, nine pairs of earrings, nine diamond rings, two pearl necklaces, a gold chain with a lion’s head pendant, two Playstation 4s, three Playstation 4 games, four Playstation 3s, four Playstation 3 games, one Xbox One, two Xbox One games, six Xbox 360s, 10 XBox 360 games, one Xbox, one Wii, three Wii games, a microwave, eight handguns, PVC plumbing pipes, a pack of drywall sheets, some rings, $15,000 worth of copper wires and pipes, two pairs of toddler sneakers, a pair of children’s Air Jordans, 11 cell phones, two lockboxes, 10 loose diamonds, a chop saw, a skill saw, a reciprocating saw, a slide saw, a miter saw, an air compressor, two gallons of paint, five lawn mowers, four weed trimmers, a 64-GB SD card, a Members Only jacket, an eight-foot surfboard, a 20-gauge shotgun, two children’s bicycles, six microphones, four throw pillows, a cast-iron clawfoot bathtub, a cable modem, a passport, a gym bag, a water bottle filled with money, a bag of Ritz crackers, two dishwashers, the contents of a piggy bank, a home theater sound system, a Chevy Tahoe, a backpack, a leveler tool, a pressure washer, two chainsaws, a hedge trimmer, an extension ladder, an oven, a sink, an assault rifle, $91,400 in cash, a set of speakers, a computer, a pair of industrial-strength scissors, 10 pieces of gold jewelry worth more than $10,000, a 12-gauge shotgun, two washing machines, a dryer, a smartphone wall charger, a yellow vacuum cleaner, some bathing suits, two socket wrench sets, two air conditioning units, a moped, 12 tablet computers, two silver rings, two gold rings, three bracelet charms, a 22-inch maplewood drum, an iPod, one checkbook, 11 credit cards, three debit cards, two computer monitors, three pairs of Nike sneakers, a hoodie, a rain jacket, eight polo shirts, two 10-oz. silver bars, two 1-gram gold bars, $2,500 worth of “miscellaneous gold,” a 5,000-watt generator, a 3,000-watt generator, a leather electrical tool belt, a cable cutter, a torque wrench, six nut drivers, three cameras, three camera lenses, one Blu-ray player, 17 9-mm rounds, a pump-action shotgun, three sets of keys, a pair of Steve Madden sandals, a car key fob, a flannel jacket, an iPod, 12 watches, 30 feet of copper tubing, 27 laptop computers, a Roku streaming device, a white and gold jacket, a pair of jeans, and a FedEx package containing $103 worth of vitamins.

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