Uber adds service from Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, and Kiawah Island

Watch out for surge pricing over the busy holiday weekend



Just in time for the first big beach weekend of the year, Uber announced yesterday that its drivers will now pick up riders from Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, and Kiawah Island.

Riders have always been able to hop-an-Uber to the beach, but until today, it was a one-way trip since the towns weren't in the official service area. Uber doesn't list Sullivan's Island on the press release, but your Beardcats gelato is indeed accessible via Uber, according to the local service map.

A ride out to Sullivan's from Marion Square will run $21-28 with regular pricing, IOP is a bit more, $28-37. Rides to Folly will cost $23-31 according to Uber's in-app fare estimates. No rides were available from Kiawah Island when we checked this afternoon, but a ride all the way out to the Ocean Course will cost you up to $83. (But that's not an excuse to stiff your caddy on the tip.)

We're betting that beachgoers will see some surge pricing over the busy weekend though, so plan and/or pay accordingly.

The local beach destinations were added as part of expansions in more than 20 cities up and down the East Coast.

Last month, Charleston City Council passed an ordinance that requires drivers for "transportation network companies" like Uber to purchase business licenses from the city in order to pick up riders. That ordinance is set to take effect on May 28.

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