Colbert takes issue after Joaquin gets 'intimate' with South Carolina

Demon Elephant


  • Late Show screenshot
  • Um...

Charleston-native Late Show host Stephen Colbert took a minute to show support for his fellow South Carolinians last night with a light-hearted bit highlighting Hurricane Joaquin's, um, storm surge.

With the help of a precipitation map from over the weekend showing a trail of rain extending from the swirling hurricane system as it left the tropics, Colbert scolded the storm for getting fresh with South Carolina. "Hey, Joaquin, how 'bout buying a fella a bottle of wine first?"

Debating what the storm looked like, Colbert finally settled on calling it "the trunk of a demon elephant … just giving it to us."

Thanks to Colbert for the moment of levity, and for using the Late Show desk to direct folks to do what they can to help.

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