The Agenda: Election Day tomorrow; Lawmakers profit from state contracts; Floodwaters beat predictions

Tecklenburg nabs P&C endorsement


  • Sam Spence

The P&C endorsed commercial real estate agent John Tecklenburg for mayor in Tuesday's local elections. Polls will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Source: P&C

Also see P&C's endorsements for Charleston City Council and North Charleston City Council (Part 1, Part 2)

Our Election Guide, including endorsements, can be found here. Source: CP

A national report from the Associated Press found that hundreds of police officers have lost their badges over sex-related misconduct, including 46 in South Carolina. Source: AP

Researchers knew this year would be bad for 'nuisance flooding' downtown, but not as bad as it has been already this year. Source: P&C

The latest installment of the P&C's "Capitol Gains" series looks at millions paid by the state to sitting lawmakers as part of government contracts. Source: P&C

On Friday, Winthrop will host a MSNBC-televised Democratic presidential forum, moderated by prime time host Rachel Maddow. Source: The State

Ahead of her trip to South Carolina this weekend, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rolled out a plan for criminal justice reforms, including ending racial profiling and ending sentencing disparities between crack and powdered cocaine. Source: P&C

Congress' renewal of the Export-Import Bank last week is expected to be a financial boon for Boeing, which sells its high-priced jets to carriers overseas. Source: P&C

The federal Department of Energy faces funding issues as its stock of nuclear cleanup facilities continues aging and costs to maintain the facilities, like the Savannah River Site, also increase. Source: Wall Street Journal

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