The Agenda: Trump and Cruz spar in debate; Graham backs Bush; New moped rules?

Haley unveils budget priorities



In case you hadn't heard, there was a debate at North Charleston Coliseum last night. Most of the fireworks on stage were from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who are jockeying for control in early states. Source: P&C, AP

Joke of the night came from Ben Carson who tried to jump in after a dizzying back and forth:

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham announced today that he will back former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the primary, saying that the S.C. contest will "reset" the GOP race going forward. Source: P&C, G'ville News

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton looks to be losing traction in Iowa faster than she did in 2008 leading up to caucus-goers selecting Barack Obama as their top candidate. Clinton still maintains a strong lead in S.C. Source: WaPo, RealClearPolitics

House lawmakers passed new state regulation that would require S.C. moped riders to be licensed, registered, and insured. The measure still needs Senate approval. Source: G'ville News

From P&C: "As tents grow, so do questions"

Gov. Nikki Haley unveiled her budget for the coming year today, a step which outlines her priorities for lawmakers who just returned to Columbia. Among those priorities: Roads funding, education, flood recovery, and reducing the state income tax. Source: The State


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